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I Love this Beauty business industry. It is truly a pleasure to be apart of the skincare industry. I was inspired by my dear mother and her Oil of Olay applications while I was an observing young lady. It was her 'Milk' for her face, and it was her 'Me Time'. Parallel timing as I was also struggling with my own self care and blemished skin. I wasn't showing up for 'me time', and I saw a glimpse of how that made my mother feel at that very short impressive moment. Those two thoughts have been in the back of my mind while thinking about what career might be the fit for me, that I could Segway into. Additionally, both my daughters were at the very 'teen acne' moment. These thoughts then propelled me to move into considering the pampering industry.

It wasn't until 2017, I was faced with how I was going to go forward and improve on who I was and how I was going to become that person that wanted to provide that feeling of reward. This was the time I needed to find my passion to support and encourage me and my daughters.

My question, as I was learning about the secret of pampering, how can I make women feel rewarded and good? After working in a pampering industry for a year, and experiencing that amazing feeling of how these Luxury Spa beautiful and inspiring Estheticians' were able to pamper me with their creams and soft touch! I had found that this was the career! This was something that I would LOVE to do for others.

I have always been curious about how to make people feel and look beautiful. I love to think that I can "bring" women back to life. Watch them walk out of my business with a glowing smiling. I want to be successful and make an impact to help people feel confident! And Glow!

Theresa O'Nan
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