Roses are red, and so are you cheeks: Why you should lighten up your blush shade Hello Beautiful!

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

So this,,,This is my blog post. What would we do without Beauty Blogs?

Theresa O’Nan-Who am I? : This is a question that I can share confidently. I am a dedicated mother of 2 beautiful girls, and I am now seeking to be productive with the same kind of passion of love and care that I am rewarded by when I give my heart, to my daughters and now to my clients.

I wish to share my love I have for others in a pampering form, as an esthetician. This profession is an emotionally rewarding one. I love making people get their Glow on, and feel beautiful. This experience makes them feel good, and in turn that makes me feel good. I love when women walk out with their Glow on.

So many thoughts have come up since schooling at Lizzy’s Cosmology School and starting my career in esthetics, I ponder volunteering at the women’s shelter to give those beautiful women, facials, since they may have been affected by domestic violence. When women are abused, they learn that ‘touch’ means anger and violence. I feel like giving them a facial could show that touch can come from a loving and caring place. When they look better, they will start feeling better. When they feel better, their self esteem will increase. Everyone needs to feel a loving touch and that is what I learned from my daughters. My daughters are now grown and I still want to share the love with other women. I love what I do! I am so lucky to be able to give out and so thankful to have found a career I will love. Being an esthetician isn’t all about giving facial treatments and selling skin care products, it’s about helping create change and therefore lives.

I value integrity above all else, that is how I try to live my life daily. This incorporates my work value. Friendships and family. I understand the value of duty and responsibility that has developed my work ethic. I strive to always be helpful, make personal connections and be clear with simplicity.

I am dedicated to pursuing a successful career in esthetics with dignity, honesty, and integrity. I am passionate about helping women flourish and feel beautiful.

I am interested in promoting beauty from the inside out, I will build a solid reputation that demonstrates caring and compassion for the whole person and inspire each client to achieve their own personal best. My goal is establishing a loyal, beautiful clientele with that beauty that will Glow with them, which is my mission. In addition, my mission is to make the world a more beautiful place through my new discoveries in organic natural skin care. All women are beautiful, I just want to help you stay that way, organically.

I am always seeking out new facial treatments, new locations to experience these relaxing moments. Harnessing the plant derived based beauty for home care skin, while keeping the kindness and tenderness with the best beauty tips.

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